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Dental Implant Restorations

Do you have dental implants in place that need restoration or repair? Our team at Smiles for Centreville can help you maintain your dental implants to extend the life of these prosthetic teeth. Our dental implant experts offer dental implant installment and we care for implants when they have problems. Whether you received your dental implants from us or another dentist, we are happy to care for your implants at our office.

Dental implants are the closest to natural teeth you can get when it comes to dental restorations. They are so similar that they require the same type of ongoing care as your natural teeth. Cleaning them is important, and when they are exposed to direct impact or trauma, they can break. In some cases, they can become loose due to bone loss or other issues. Whatever the problem, our dental experts can help restore most dental implants to keep them functional and in good health.

Implant Repairs

Most dental implants can last the rest of a person’s life if they are maintained with excellent care. We suggest our adult patients get on a routine schedule for “recare” appointments every three, four or six months, especially those who have dental implants. This gives us a chance to inspect and clean your teeth and implants, catching any issues in the early stages. You may not even know your dental implant needs a repair if the crown is cracked on the backside of the tooth. We can identify any issues and repair them right at our clinic.

Dental implants can help improve the beauty and health of your smile, but they do need regular dental care, just like natural teeth. Let our dental implant experts at Smiles for Centreville help you maintain your investment in dental implants with regular visits for checkups at our office – contact us right away if you need an implant repaired or restored.

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