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Creating a Comprehensive Dental Plan

Achieving and Maintaining Long-Term Dental Health

“Following an organized plan and treatment ensures a lasting result that is aesthetically beautiful and functional, for a smile of a lifetime!”

Unless you have an immediate concern or an emergency, we work with each new patient to develop a personal plan tailored to the needs, desires and expectations of each individual.

Step 1: First, We Talk. Your visit begins with a pre-clinical conversation. The focus of the conversation is you. We want to learn as much as you feel is appropriate about yourself, your past dental experiences, concerns, desires and expectations.

Step 2: We perform a Comprehensive Examination. This examination gives you and your dentist an opportunity to learn together about your current level of health. In order to achieve this, the examination is designed to be educational, interactive. Any information will be communicated in non-scientific language. The examination includes a thorough evaluation of:

  • Teeth and the condition of existing dentistry
  • Soft Tissues (Oral Cancer Screening)
  • Appearance of your smile (Esthetics)
  • How your teeth fit and function (Occlusion)
  • Jaw Joints (TMJ)
  • Facial and Jaw Muscles
  • Bone and Gum Health

Step 3: Creating a Dental Record. Whenever indicated and with your permission, we will gather additional records to complement the clinical information. These may include:

  • Imaging (radiographs of your teeth, jaws and/or jaw joints)
  • Clinical Photographs
  • Models of your teeth

Step 4: Analysis and Treatment Letter. Your dentist will then complete an in-depth analysis of your information to determine your level of health and treatment possibilities. Once the information has been finalized, a treatment letter will be presented to you with an overview of our findings. The letter becomes the basis for your follow-up appointment. If indicated, a three-dimensional model of your teeth will be made with the recommended corrections. This will allow you to preview the desired results before anything is done in your mouth.

Step 5: Creating Your Master Plan. At a future appointment, you will meet with your dentist to review the findings from the examination, identify stress factors affecting your mouth and agree on your level of health. From these findings, you and your dentist will be able to develop a Personal Plan to achieve your dental health goals.

A great smile is more affordable than you may think!

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